Clearfork services

Clarity for the physician. Comfort for the patient.

The USMD Imaging Center at Clearfork combines a full spectrum of leading-edge diagnostic imaging technologies with patient-focused care in a comforting and convenient setting.

The Siemens Aera MRI delivers incredibly detailed images combined with motion-detection software for diagnostic clarity. The system is designed to be more open, with shorter scan times and less noise, so you’ll have a quieter and less confining experience.

The 32-Slice Siemens CT scanner provides faster, high-quality imaging with less radiation compared to the previous industry norm. Intricate multidimensional reconstructions supply the detail needed for complex diagnoses.

Our advanced Siemens digital X-ray system provides outstanding quality for routine X-ray studies with minimal radiation. It’s fully digital, so there’s less patient room time and faster review by the radiologist. Even our large X-ray exam rooms are designed for patient comfort and exam efficiency.

Siemens ACUSON systems provide state-of-the-art, high-definition ultrasonographic imaging. The variety and versatility of the equipment allow us to match the technology to the specific requirements of the exam – with maximum comfort and zero radiation.

The Hologic Dexa system enables us to identify patients at risk for osteoporosis and other debilitating conditions. The system delivers exceptional precision and pinpoint accuracy.