Breast health services

The first step in stopping it is spotting it.

Get proactive about breast health with our comprehensive spectrum of advanced digital mammography and diagnostic imaging technologies.

Screenings Screenings are simple “breast checkups.” You should have one every year after you turn 40, or earlier if you have a family history of breast cancer.

With our Hologic Genius 3D Mammography system and the latest low-radiation software, we capture multiple images of the breast from several angles. The system complements standard 2D digital mammography, and is especially helpful for women with dense breast tissue.

What it’s like: The exam involves a mild amount of pressure and the entire exam only takes about 10 minutes.

Breast density can cause clouding of mammography images, but ABVS or 3D ultrasound is designed to “see” through dense tissue. USMD Imaging Center for Breast Health is one of the first breast centers in the DFW Metroplex to offer this exciting new supplemental breast screening. 

What it’s like: You’ll have ultrasound lotion applied to your skin and gentle compression from the scanner, called a transducer. The entire exam only takes about 15 minutes.

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Diagnostics If you are experiencing any symptoms, such as a breast lump or nipple discharge, or if a regular screening reveals an abnormality, we’ll perform diagnostic exams to gather more information.

Breast ultrasound is a painless way to gather more information without radiation. A hand-held scanner pressed against the skin emits sound waves that are converted into images on a computer screen. This helps the radiologist learn if the area of interest requires more evaluation.

Stereotactic biopsy is a minimally invasive way to remove a tissue sample for analysis. X-ray images pinpoint the area, and a biopsy needle extracts tissue from the anesthetized breast. You won’t need stitches, and discomfort is minimal. The entire procedure, performed by a radiologist specialized in breast imaging, takes about an hour. You’ll receive results in 3-5 days.